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The Averatec 2460 has problems with Linux. The most Linux-Distributions crash at the hardware detection.
At my tests with Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn, I have found two kernel modules that cause a crash: Because Ubuntu has no parameters to prevent the load of kernel modules, I have build a modified installation CD. It doesn't contain the SDHCI module and a 8139too module compiled for PIO only access.

Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon: New Version new game. The crashing problems are the same. Display resolution is correct now out of the box but there are new problems with the sound mixer.

Good news with Ubuntu 8.04/8.10

In this version is only the sdhci problem still present.

At least i have found a kernel bootparameter to prevent the resourceconfict. With this you should be able to boot any kernel with all drivers.



This Notebook is a OEM-Version of the Twinhead H12Y. Similar Notebooks are: This Notebooks have the same problems. If you find another one drop me a Note.

VideoIntel GMA945OKDefault driver
SoundRealtec ALC260OKNeed "option snd-intel-hda model=acer" in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base
FirewireO2 Micro, Inc.OKDefault driver
SD/MMC SlotO2 Micro, Inc.OK but need a h12y patched kernel
MS SlotO2 Micro, Inc.not supported
LANRealtec 8139COKNeed spezial PIO Version of 8139too
WLANIntel 3945ABGOKSupport with "Restricted" Divers
MODEM??? SI3054 ???not tested!Softmodem!
USB(2)Intel ICH7OKDefault driver
IDE/SATAIntel ICH7OKDefault driver
DVDRWHL-DT-ST GRA4082NOKDefault driver
TouchpadSynaptic Touchpad PS2OKDefault driver

Howto install Ubuntu on H12Y Notebooks

1. Boot (from CD)

Select your Language

Chose start of LiveCD or Installation with the Cursorkeys but don't press Enter. Press "F6" (additional Optionens).

And then exit the box with ESC.

Now you have reached the Commandline for Kernelparameter and here you add "reserve=0xFFB00000,x100000"

between "initrd.gz" and "quiet". Now you can Press enter for Start or Install from CD.

2. Boot (from Harddisk)

Press "ESC" within 2 seconds to enter GRUB Menu.

"E" to Edit the entry. After this choose the line with kernel.

And press again "E".

Add the Parameter "reserve=0xFFB00000,0x100000" before quiet

Press Enter and after this "B" to boot the system.

3. Finalizing settings

After boot and login open a terminal.

Enter "sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.list [enter] and then your password to edit the GRUB configuration permanently

The Parameter "reserve=0xFFB00000,0x100000" has to be inserted three times. First at the line starting with "# kopt=". (Seems to be a commant but it was used for updates to readd the parameter at the kernel lines)

and the both lines with for the kernel images. Now save the file and have a starting system.


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