Run uClinux on Digitus DN-11004-N Router

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Function Used Part Documentation
Main SoC Winbond W90N740CD (up to 80Mhz ARM7) -
Ethernet SwitchIC175ADatasheet
Flash Spansion S29AL016D (2 Megabyte) Datasheet
RAM 2x Etrontech EM636165TS-7 (2Megabyte) Datasheet

Preparing the Hardware/Bootloader:

There you get informations how to use a similar Winbond W90N740 based router as cheap ARM7 development platform. I think they discribe the DN-11004-N as "REV2" with broken JTAG access. After some tests i have found why the JTAG is not working and patched jtagger. Now i have successfull done all Hardware mods to my router and installed the new bootloader and the uClinux example image.

Software Download local Copy Description
jtager-0.3.0SourceforgeDownloadTool for Debugging and Flash writing
jtager-patchDownload - Patch to access this Board and Spansion 29AL016 Flashchip (use this instead of the bws-patch)

Bootlog (bluewater-sample image):

Customize uClinux Image:

I have created a configuration for uClinux that use this Box as Router with a Nokia 7600 UMTS cellphone connected via the USB-Port. I provide this here as basis for own developments.

DN11004N-USBMODEMHow to compileDN11004N-USBMODEM IMAGE (EPLUS)How to flash

Console Log (Usbmodem EPLUS GPRS/UMTS):

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