Needed Downloads:

uClinux Distribution:
Config for DN-11004-N: dn11004n-usbmodem-20070911.tar.gz

You can also Download a pack of all files with bitorrent: uClinux-af-20070911.tar.gz.torrent

Preparing the development system:

The uClinux system need's ncurses-develepment libraries for configuration menu. Install depends on your Linux Host-System. My example is for Ubuntu/Debian

: sudo apt-get install libncurses-dev [enter]

Install compiler toolchain and unpack sourcecode:

: sudo sh [enter]
: tar xvfz uClinux-dist-20070130.tar.gz [enter]
: tar xvfz dn11004n-usbmodem-20070911.tar.gz [enter]

Prepare the sourcecode for build:

Enable the internal DHCP-Server of DNSMASQ2 by changing:
Line 6 from "-DHAVE_ISC_READER" to "-DDO_DHCP"

Configure for the target platform:

: cd uClinux-dist [enter]
: make menuconfig [enter]
Chose "Vendor/Product Selection" and select
Vendor: Winbond
Product: DN11004N-USBMODEM
Exit this and chose Kernel Configuration, here select
Kernel (2.4.x)
Exit and save your configuration
: make dep [enter]


: make [enter]

Check "uClinux-dist/images" for the result.


Warning! No warranty at all. YOU should know what you do.